“Lecturer360” competency framework for 360 degree feedback

With over 10 years working in “Red Brick” and other Universities and Business Schools coupled with many years of experience in using 360 degree feedback we have created a wide range of work-sets with ready-to-go competency frameworks that can be used to suit most Lecturers, other academics and their senior and junior colleagues. Each work-set contains everything you need to complete 360 degree feedback appraisal and includes:

  • online questionnaires for the appraisee
  • as many respondents as you wish though we recommend 8 respondents as a guide,
  • a downloadable User Guide to help you work through the process
  • a down-loadable workbook to help you make sense of the report and its finding and support  you in getting the most from the process, and finally
  • an easy to read 360 degree feedback report.

Tailored 360 degree feedback questionnaires

We can work with you to make changes to our existing Competency Frameworks and Reports so that they better meet your needs rather than the standard competencies. This also provides for you some focus on your needs while providing a cost effective option.

It also works well for those organisations who might be new to 360 degree feedback and are unsure of the process. This allows you some elements of tailoring to your needs while keeping your costs manageable and your workload down.

Custom Questionnaires for 360 degree feedback

If your organisation uses its own competency framework then let us use our own competency editing tool – the Competency Profiler. This allows us to quickly create competency based questionnaires and use them to run your 360 degree feedback projects. Read more about the Competency Profiler Tool right here.

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