360 degree feedback: a collection of resources from Lecturer360

In support of our 360 degree feedback service we provide you with the following examples, documents and reports.

360 degree feedback – Sample reports

  1. Sample Report for Directors and other Senior Managers.
  2. Sample Report for Middle Managers
  3. Sample Report for team leaders and other first line managers

360 degree feedback – Support documents 

  1. User Guide to help you plan and execute the 360 degree feedback process for your organisation and those going through the process.
  2. Workbook to help you get the very best from your 360 degree feedback report.

Factsheets and articles on 360 degree feedback 

  1. Factsheet 1 provides advice and guidance on designing questionnaires and competency frameworks for 360° feedback.
  2. Factsheet 2 gives advice to respondents on how best to give effective 360° feedback.
  3. Factsheet 3 provides advice on “Rater Groups” and how to use them effectively.
  4. ACAS Guide to 360 degree feedback

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