Academic Development

What happens after the 360 degree feedback?

Academics whether Lecturers or in more senior roles such as Departmental Heads, Deans, Pro Vice Chancellors are all leaders in their respective establishments. As such they can best be developed like any other leader through a structured and focused leadership development programme.

Effective Leadership and appropriate Leadership Development are key to the success of all those in positions of responsibility wherever they are and whatever they do. For many years we have promoted the ideals of lifelong learning as the de facto approach in helping leaders and managers to improve themselves and also those they work with. Universities and College have been at the forefront of that movement.

With the increasing pace of organisational change there is a paramount requirement for leaders and managers to constantly review their development needs and to create a Personal Development Plan which helps them to meet whatever those needs may be.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is the art and science of helping leaders and managers identify their development requirements and create interventions that help them to achieve their aims and objectives.

At Lecturer360 we work with leaders and managers at an individual level to help identify their develop needs. We use a range of tools to undertake assessment and these include;

  • Psychometric Tools including Myers Briggs Type Inventory, FIRO-B and Belbin Team Roles to diagnose specific needs.
  • 360 degree feedback to secure information from those they work with to pinpoint areas for development.
  • Executive Coaching to provide 1:1 support to those looking for a pragmatic and highly effective approach from the best Coaches around.

We work in both the public and private sectors along with the Educational sector and with Corporates through to SME’s to collectively train and develop their leaders and managers.

Our approach is based on tried and tested development processes  and we use a range of techniques including:

  • Training Needs Analysis to identify your “current situation” and your “future desired state”. The Gap we identify allows us to create a bespoke “Leadership Development Programmes” for the specific needs of your leaders and academics.
  • Competency Frameworks to design, develop and deliver a range of interventions based on your own diagnosis and assessment of the Competencies required by your leaders.
  • Psychometrics Tools used across your team help your leaders learn about themselves, learn about those they work with and thereby create Personal Development Plans
  • 360 degree feedback used across your teams so that team based interventions can be created.

We use the information from these sources to create interventions that include a mix of experiential and classroom based activities all of which are practical approaches that can be used immediately to improve organisational performance .
For those willing to invest a little more time, money and effort we can also offer accreditation for your Programmes using organisations such as the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute for Leadership and Management.leadership development based on 360 degree feedback

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