Lecturer 360 is a web based system enabling you to run 360 degree feedback on-line, easily and effectively. Our reports provide the information necessary to develop Lecturers and other colleagues in the education sector.

What is 360 degree feedback?

360 degree feedback is also known as “multi-rater feedback”, “peer appraisal” or “360 degree appraisal”. It is used to add an extra dimension for those who traditionally only receive one viewpoint – that of their line manager. With 360 degree appraisal individuals receive feedback on their performance by those around them who know rather more about them and their work.
The person being reported on completes their own self assessment which is then compared against feedback from colleagues, direct reports, peers, managers, customers or clients. In fact they can choose anyone whose opinion is respected and who is familiar with their work.
Increasingly as organisations outsource, work in joint ventures and other forms of partnership their working relationship may be best viewed and assessed by someone not in their own organisation at all. This multi source approach can give real insight into how different groups see them as a person.

360 appraisal: great for development reviews

Traditional one to one annual reviews get a poor reception and often poor attention by managers and staff. Poor preparation and a lack of confidence in how to give effective feedback can lead to individuals not understanding where they are doing well and where they need to improve. With our 360 degree feedback tool as part of your appraisal and development you can bring some serious benefits to both your business and your people.
  • – Greater self awareness
  • – Understanding of personal impact
  • – Encourages a more open culture
  • – Constructive feedback encouraged and welcomed (and not taken personally)

360 appraisal: great for Lecturer development

Boards and senior management teams are encouraged to continually improve their performance in challenging and testing times. Lecturer360 is a powerful tool for teams aiming to be the best. The benefits to your University or College:
  • – Maximising the improvement of your Lecturers will lead to a better teaching experience for your students at a time when they are being asked to pay more for their courses.
  • – Lecturers gain a clearer understanding of their contribution to the work of the University or College.

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